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Legacy Beaux Tie Program

Starting back in October 2014, BeauxTied launched "The Legacy Beaux Tie Program." Over the past few years, Beaux Tied has partnered with several different charities, philanthropies, and non-profit organizations.  We work in collaboration with the group that we have partnered with to design a bow tie (and/or neck tie) tailored to the satisfaction of those we are looking to serve. Beaux Tied then donates a portion of the proceeds from the Legacy Beaux Tie sales directly to our partner organizations.

Beaux Tied is very excited about this program, as it allows us to increase our philanthropic footprint both in Louisville and across the country.  As we reach different charitable organizations, we continue to further the company's mission of improving the lives of those around us. We appreciate your support in purchasing our products attached to these noteworthy causes near and dear to the hearts of those at Beaux Tied, our supporters, and our community.  

We are very excited to announce our partnerships: 

If you have any recommendations regarding future partnerships with particular organizations or causes that you wish for Beaux Tied to pursue, please email us: customerservice@beauxtied.com .