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Hope for Hadley Jo Project

Beaux Tied's Involvement:

Beaux Tied, a vendor to Stein Mart providing men’s neckwear and other fashion accessories, was founded by Michael Rolf to raise awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and Epilepsy, diseases that his two late cousins Cameron and Evan, lost their battles to, respectively.   

Last year, Michael was introduced to Heather Lange and learned the story of her daughter, Hadley Jo, who suffers daily from seizures associated with Epilepsy.  Impacted deeply by their story, Michael has used Beaux Tied to establish a channel for awareness on behalf of Hadley Jo and the Hope for Hadley Jo Project with the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana.  Beaux Tied will be donating 100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of the following items, inspired by Hadley Jo, to the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana for the Hope for Hadley Jo Project:

***To view these Hope for Hadley Jo Products, click the links above or click here.


Meet Hadley Jo:

From Heather Lange, the mother of Hadley Jo:

"The Hope for Hadley Jo project was created to help local families with children with epilepsy fund their much needed service dogs (that otherwise cannot get covered through insurance).  Our daughter, Hadley Jo, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age two and received her service dog at age three.  A stranger’s service dog responded to Hadley Jo’s seizures over a year ago and further opened the idea to other potential options to help her epilepsy.  Service dogs save lives and it is our hope that Hadley Jo will be able to grow up safely and independently because of her unique bond with her service dog, “Ariel”.  

We are excited to see good things happen in our local community and are honored to have Stein Mart help us impact other families with children with epilepsy!"


Stein Mart's Involvement:

Beaux Tied, a nationwide product vendor to Stein Mart, is proud to announce a collaborative effort with Stein Mart to impact the Louisville community.  On Saturday, April 29th from 10AM-9PM, all customers at the Louisville Stein Mart location will be offered the opportunity to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana on behalf of the Hope for Hadley Jo Project.  

The first 500 customers to donate will be given a complimentary pair of the "Hope for Hadley Jo Project" socks, created and donated by Beaux Tied.  In addition, all customers offering a donation will be offered a Stein Mart coupon for "20% Off Any Sale Item".  

Members of the Beaux Tied team will be on hand from 12-4PM, offering a unique "personal shopper" experience, providing assistance to customers piecing together their derby outfits.  

To view the Beaux Tied products available on Stein Mart's website, click here.